EB-5 Process and Time line

Process and Time Line


Below is the time line for the residency visa application and process.

EB-5 Process & Timeline


Qualified investors are invited to activate their complimentary GTA EB-5 Service Plan. In return, GTA will provide qualified investors with unlimited “one- stop-shop” concierge services on a complimentary basis, for up to 60 days, including:

GTA conducts a preliminary SOF assessment to determine an ideal SOF strategy (i.e. one where the investment capital is easiest to (i) document and (ii) liquidate into cash.
The prospective investor must engage an experienced U.S. immigration attorney to document lawful source of funds and prepare I-526 petition.

Deposit $800k + Administrative Fee into the EB-5 fund escrow account.


U.S. immigration attorney files the I-526 petition with the USCIS.


18 – 24 Months

The filing date of the I-526 Petition is known as the Priority Date.

Track investment via personal online account with 3rd party fund administrator.

Monitor construction progress via quarterly project updates, 24/7 webcam, and site visits.


Due to Covid-19 and USCIS processing, actual I-526 approval times are currently extended by 3-6 months

If your Priority Date is “Current”, immediately proceed to Step 7.
If EB-5 visas are not available for the principal applicant’s country of birth, then you must wait until your Priority Date becomes Current.

3-9 Months

If you live in the United States

File an Adjustment of Status (AOS)
Application (File I-485)

If you Live Overseas

Attend EB-5 visa interview at the local U.S. consulate (File DS-260)

Principal applicant and immediate family members (if any) will receive 2 year green cards upon entering the U.S.

– The filing date of the I-526 Petition is known
as the Priority Date.
– The U.S. Department of State publishes a monthly VISA BULLETIN which lists cut-off dates for the EB-5 program, based on the principal applicant’s country of birth.


21-24 Months

File I-829 petition to remove conditions on your U.S. green card.

20-30 Months

Receive permanent green card.

Renews every 10 Years.


If desired, the investor can apply for U.S. citizenship 5 years after conditional green card.

*This timeline is for general informational purposes only. The actual time required to complete the EB-5 immigration process will vary based on the investment selected, each individual’s case, USCIS processing times, and other factors.

(**) Individuals who intend to live outside of the United States for an extended period of time should apply for a Reentry Permit which is then issued for a period of up to 2 years. The Reentry Permit allows a permanent resident to make an entry into the United States every 24 months rather every 12 months.